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NEW FOR 2015: Hurtle high above Adventure Island® Tampa’s 30 acres of water-drenched fun in the sun and experience a feeling of weightlessness aboard Colossal Curl™, the park’s newest thrill slide debuting for the 2015 season.

This colorful slide combines funnel and wave elements for an exciting ride that’s sure to get hearts racing. True to its name and holding up to four passengers, this mega slide delivers a high-adrenaline, action-packed adventure, making it the ultimate family thrill slide and adding to the waterpark’s unrivaled combination of corkscrews, waterfalls, high-speed thrills and tropical, tranquil surroundings for guests of all ages.

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Boo, or NO BOO! That is the Question

This season we have seen more and more parks start offering the NO BOO pass for there Halloween events.  The NO BOO pass is a light up glow stick that hangs around your neck.  When you are going in to a scare zone or house, the monsters are suppose to not scare you.  We asked the In the Loop team there thoughts on the NO BOO pass.


Legal issues continue over Texas Giant death

Legal issues continue unfortunately over at Six Flags Over Texas as the lawsuit continues for the death of the 52 year old woman who had fell to her death while riding the New Texas Giant.

dropRosa Esparza fell to her death after her lap restriant failed to keep her in her train over the first drop of the coaster in July 2013. Her family is suing Six Flags and the Manufacturer, Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, for $1 million dollars.

A deposition has just been released showing that a Gerstlauer Amusement Rides Executive has said the park was negligent because the ride attendant did not check the lap bar restraint an the operator failed to stop the ride.

“She gave statements shortly after Ms. Esparza’s death that she thought the lap bar was a little too high and not in what she thought was the proper position and yet she did not stop the train and that was her responsibility.”


VIDEO: All Rides Gone From Old Town USA

Drew The Intern popped into Old Town USA in Kissimmee, Florida to check out the deconstruction of their rides. In a complete shock he finds nothing but an empty parking lot. Only the ticket booths remained from the once small amusement park.

oldtown logo

It is very creepy looking without the rides. Check out the video below!

Drunk man at Universal Studios Orlando may or may not be a cop

On Saturday night, a man by the name of David J. Littlefield was arrested on Universal property for drinking alcohol in an unauthorized area. Littlefield was arguing with a Universal security supervisor when an Orlando police officer intervened. When told to stop drinking, Littlefield flashed a small badge and informed the officer he is a cop. After being arrested, the bad turned out to be a Newark Police Detective FOP badge and did not identify him as a law enforcement officer.

Full story here


Theme Park Visit Report: California’s Great America

Hello Loopies. Well last weekend I made the trek up to Northern California to visit a few parks. I spent my Saturday over at the beautiful California’s Great America. My plan for the day for to attack the coasters and get some more coaster credits but as well as take a look around the park and see what they have to offer. The evening was spent doing the Halloween Haunt event and you will see a review for this event at the end of the month with my Halloween Theme Park mega review.



Maelstrom Closing Day Memories

The decision making process behind closing an attraction is probably way more involved than most people on the internet realize. I for one hope it is a complicated long process so I can feel certain the parks make the right Decision. Maelstrom last week received the ax, shut its doors, turned off its control panels, and said goodbye to the awkward tree troll thing. The reason behind this, Maelstrom will be transformed into a Frozen attraction filled with all the songs from the movies as well as everyone’s favorite snowman Olaf.
enterance sign


A Unique Trip to Dollywood: Filming All American Amusement Parks


When Clint was first approached to be a part of a new amusement park show centered around enthusiasts; I was super excited for him. It seemed like the perfect fit for him. Not only is Clint knowledgeable about rides and parks, he also is outgoing and charismatic. This was going to be great! My feelings on this matter quickly changed once I was asked to join him on this show.