indexA year ago from this upcoming weekend was one of the busiest days of the year for Cedar Point.  Columbus day weekend saw thousands of people all trying to make there way across the causeway in a line that lasted hours, only to find that there were no parking spots available.  Not only did they fill all the parking lots on the point, but people were being bused in from locations of the point to accommodate the large crowds.  Then at the end of the night people waited up to 4 hours to exit the parking lot and start there journey home.

halloweekends5_20131009160351_320_240This year Cedar Point’s Bryan Edwards says they are ready if the crowds come back in large amounts this upcoming weekend.  According to Edwards the park has made several changes to the parking lot and causeway to help with the flow of traffic.

Don’t forget Mantis is now open Fridays, and its last day is the 19th!