Drew Goes To England

Drew takes the show on the road overseas and brings back tales of lots of parks from the UK and France.

  • George Meikle

    You messed up by only going in Terror of the Towers – from what I’ve heard from friends, the other two mazes are way better and actively encourage you to split up – the actors in sub species and altonville really go at you, tugging your ear, pushing and shoving, ect. Mention the words “trap corridor” to a scarefest fan and you can see their eyes widen.

    Surprised you enjoyed Smiler and Colossus so much – I usually skip those rides because of how rough they are for me tbh. I also see how you found Nemesis underwhelming. On some rides its forceless but on others it’s the most intense thing I’ve done, but on the upside having the loop halfway through the layout makes it a lot more interesting.

    But yeah, loved the podcast! Helped keep me occupied whilst eating and working, hehe.