Monthly Archives: June 2022

Announcing Our FreeRT 2022 Event at Adventureland in Iowa

We here at In The Loop are very happy to announce the 2022 version of our FreeRT event which will be taking place at Adventureland in Iowa on Saturday August 13.

This event will include free ERT (exclusive ride time before the park opens on the monster roller coaster), free lunch and free beer.

To attend please send an email to with the following information:

  • Names & ages of those who want to attend in your group
  • Why you should go to FreeRT?
    (this could be anything from social media handles you interact with us on, if you went to the first FreeRT back in 2019, favorite moments from the youtube channel or podcast, or anything else feel free to get creative)

The last day to enter will be June 22nd and the guest list will be emailed out on June 23rd.

Admission to Adventureland will not be included and individuals will be responsible for purchasing their own way in, while In The Loop will cover the cost of ERT, lunch & beer.

We will be having more fun in Iowa in the surrounding days of the event doing things like: the new Lost Island theme park, Iowa State Fair, Des Moines Zoo etc.