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Fury 325 Steel Construction Begins at Carowinds

Steel construction for Fury 325 begins as construction workers carefully place the very first piece of coaster track onto support beams.  Scheduled to open in Spring 2015, Fury 325 will be the tallest, fastest  giga coaster in the world.  The first hill will 2015 construction first track 010stand 325 feet tall, as riders zoom along 6,602 feet of track the ride will simulate the flight of an angry hornet and reach a top speed of 95 miles an hour.  Fury 325 is part of a multi-year expansion plan for the amusement park on the North, South Carolina border, additional 2015 improvements will include a new front entrance and improved dining and entertainment offerings.  Carowinds closes for the 2014 season on Nov. 2.  for more information on Fury 325,  including ride simulation videos  visit

Review: A Look at the Safari Tour at Six Flags Great Adventure

Last year I went to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey several times with a goal of riding the Safari Off Road Adventure. I went for a trip that lasted a few days, the first of which I arrived late in the day and the Safari Ride was already closed due to capacity.  I was told to get a very early start the following day because it fills up quick. So the next day we arrived when the park opened. We went straight to El Toro. After a few rides we marched off to the Safari Tour only to find it filled to capacity. It was crazy that people were going to stand in line for over 5 hours to ride. I never was able to ride in 2013.  This year we went there for a day early in the season and it was open and ready for us to stand in line, but we only had one day to play and the line was 3 hours long.  I was upset.

10609606_773011806069024_6213083153781020306_nThis past weekend I was at the park for the Coaster Crew’s Great Adventure Online Day and they had reserved seating on the ride for the whole group.  I was final going to get a chance to ride this beast.  We arrived at the ride as a group and were taken up to the truck. The truck is a massive thing that is open in the back for all to see.  We dispatched from the hut, and on to the very bumpy road to the safari.

teaser_SafariOffRoadAdventure_NJI only had a chance to do the drive thru safari once, and enjoyed it.  The biggest issue I had is we did not know what animals we were looking at, or any information about them.  That is one of the best things about the Safari Tour.  They have a guide in your truck telling you all about the animals and areas.  The down fall to this is you can get a good guide, or a bad guide.  Our guide was amazing.  He was able to steer the driver in the direction of the animals he wanted to talk to us about.  He kept his mic on and answered any and all questions. He was funny, but not corny.

Around the halfway point we get to stop at Camp Aventura.  A small group of us got off at this point to check out the small area in the middle of this huge safari.  Its fenced off from the other animals, and highlights small animals you would not see on the tour.  Snakes, birds, and Ant Eater.  Here we were able to do the two up charge attractions: The Soaring Eagle Zip Line, and feed the giraffes.  It cost us around $12 per person with a discount to do both.

10717905_10203785594738314_535238965_nWe started with the giraffes because of their feeding time.  They eat every 2 hours so if you don’t catch it at the right time you are out of luck.  The give you some cut sweet potatoes in an ice cream cone and you get to hand feed them on a deck that overlooks the safari.  It was really cool.  I have feed giraffes before, so I knew what to expect.

After the giraffe feeding we made our way over to the Soaring Eagle Zip Line.  For the past 2 years I have done this attraction at the IAAPA Expo with Stan Checketts himself.  He used to be the man coming up with all the crazy ideas for S&S Worldwide, but has since moved on and is “The Man” at Soaring Eagle Zipline.  10717889_10203785594378305_332882574_nThey currently have over 40 ziplines world wide.  This was my first one I had to pay for in the real world, but I knew what to expect.  It was my girlfriend Shari’s first time, and I really wanted her to experience it.  First they have to weigh the two people going on the ride. It can go up to 450lbs.  We passed with flying colors, and boarded the ride.  Its two seats that hang under the line and you are seat belted crossed the waist.  The whole time you are on it, it feels like you are going to fall off!  It pulls you backwards up to the top of the tower over the safari, and then sets you free to make your way back to the ride staging area.  What an amazing ride.  If you ever get a chance to try one and it’s not super expensive, you should do it.

After our fun at Camp Aventura, we made our way back on to a truck with a new tour guide.  This one I did not like as much.  She kicked everything off great, but we did not go off the main road to find cool animals, and she turned her mic off a lot and answered questions that people had in the front row.  But we were in the back and could not understand what she was saying.  There was a lot of dead time where we were driving around looking at stuff but she was not talking to us.

Over all I highly recommend this tour.  I have done Disney’s Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro Safaris a few times and it was okay, but they do not have the freedom to go where the animals are.  They are on a track and drive that same track every time.  I have also enjoyed a tour at Busch Gardens Tampa.  Very cool tour where there is no path.  You just drive out in to the safari and find the animals. Six Flags Great Adventure has the best safari ride yet! Keep up the good work.

Fight Breaks Out At Six Flags America

A fight broke out on the opening night of Six Flags America’s Fright Fest that 3 teens injured. One of the teens, a 15-year-old boy is in stable condition but due to brain swelling is in a medically induced coma. The fight started in the parking lot of the park, and law enforcement from all over the area responded. Prince George’s County police were called to handle the large crowed exiting the park. Nearby roads were also closed to handle the mass exit.

SixFlagsFrightFestNBC News received a statement from the park saying: “The unacceptable behavior and events that occurred yesterday, acted out by some unsupervised youth, are in no way typical behavior for our park or the surrounding area. The safety of our guests is our number one priority and while this was an isolated incident, we are taking steps to make sure it cannot be repeated”

The park is expected to have increased security and traffic enforcement for the upcoming Fight Night’s

News Source: NBC 4

Deer Killed by “The Ultimate” Roller Coaster in Europe

The Ultimate Roller Coaster

WARNING: This story contains graphic details

Passengers of The Ultimate roller coaster in Lightwater Valley returned from there ride stunned and showered in blood when the coaster they were riding struck and killed a deer.  The longest roller coaster in Europe was traveling at an estimated 50mph when the incident accord.

The deer was struck around 11:15 on Saturday. Staff closed the coaster for 30 minutes while they inspected, and cleaned the ride. The theme park has fencing around it, but the deer was able to bypass it and enter the ride area.

This is not the first time this coaster has been involved in an incident involving a deer. In 1994 the coaster ripped the legs off of a deer and its antlers were then jammed under the safety bars of the coaster.

News Source: Daily Mail

In the Loop & Coaster Crew Split Into Two Separate Websites

Over the past 10 years the Coaster Crew and In the Loop have been branded together. In the Loop was created to help grown the Coaster Crew, and both have continued to grow wonderfully. The goals of a club are very different the then goals of a podcast, and over the years we have seen the two start reaching in different directions. So much so that one may have a negative effect on the other. We have reached a point that we feel both the club and podcast future would be more successful if they were free to brand themselves separately.

Last week we began splitting In the Loop and Coaster Crew, giving In the Loop its own website, new Facebook page, and rebranding the former Coaster Crew YouTube Page. The Coaster Crew will still have its website, the Coaster Crew Facebook page, and will be creating a new YouTube page. The former Coaster Crew Twitter was operated by the Legend, and he will retain that feed but it has been rebranded as @InTheLoopLegend and you can find the Coaster Crew @coastercrew. If you subscribe to In the Loop via the Coaster Crew website, you will not have to change anything. You will still receive the newest shows.

You can find the new In the Loop Website at The new Facebook page for In the Loop is

With these changes, there are also going to be some staff changes. Some staff will be moving to the new In the Loop website, and most will stay with the Coaster Crew. It should go without saying, but Legend and Drew will be on the new In the Loop website, and will no longer be contributing to the Coaster Crew Facebook page.

The biggest staff changes to note will be at the top. I (Clint Novak) will be stepping down as the President of the Coaster Crew. This was not an easy decision as I have worked on both for so long and put so much in to each. Tim Holloran will take my place as President and Owner of the Coaster Crew. Before Tim, I really struggled with how to operate, maintain, and run the Coaster Crew. Tim stepped in and the club grew. He has done an amazing job with not only operating the club, but bringing all of us together and really showing us that being a part of a club is more when just events, it’s the friends a fellowship that we experience. There is no one better for this job then Tim. I will find my new place over with the gang at In the Loop, and will continue with podcasting and YouTube videos.

I want to make it clear. There is no bad blood in this transition. Tim is still one of my best friends and will be the guy standing to my left when I get married. I will still be attending Coaster Crew events. After this past weekend it has been decided that I will no longer be the mascot, but will move in to the role of trouble maker. We did not do this because of a difference in opinion or some kind of crazy fight. We made this decision together, because we felt it was the right time. We want both the Coaster Crew and In the Loop to continue to grow and have overwhelming success, and that can now happen without either interfering in the vision of one another.

Kentucky Kingdom 2014 Numbers & Ride Expansion

db_2015_SkyChaser11Kentucky Kingdom had a few announcements yesterday that included some numbers for the 2014 season.  They clam that around 600,000 guests visited the park during the season and sold 117,000 season passes.  With those number announced, they also filled us in on the 5 new attractions being added to the park.

New Attractions:
T3 Roller Coaster (former T2 Coaster)
Raging River Rapids

Some of these attractions are refurbished from the old park