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Snowspot at Fun Spot

Starting November 21, 2014 and in partnership with Fun Spot America – SnoSpot will provide fun-filled
snow adventures for children and adults alike.
Orlando Florida (November 17, 2014) – In a first-of-its kind outdoor experience in Florida, SnoSpot, a
WinTek, LLC company announces the opening of its snow adventure area at Fun Spot America’s location at
5700 Fun Spot Way in Orlando on November 21, 2014.
“We are thrilled to bring this revolutionary snow making system and the additionof over 30 new jobs to
Central Florida,” said SnoSpot president, Steve Baker. “The excitement that our snow adventure experiences
provide should attract more visitors of all ages to the area.”
“Partnerships of this kind help fuel tourism and the local economy and my expectations are that our guests –
many of whom have never seen real snow before – will be simply delighted by the addition of such a unique
family experience,” said Fun Spot America CEO, John Arie, Sr.
Located within the Fun Spot America’s Orlando location, SnoSpot will provide exciting snow adventures that
include snow tubing, snowball, and snow play areas. Guests three-years-old and up and of all experience levels
are invited to participate in all of the snow adventure activities. Snow tubers can experience the thrill of tubing
down the 24-foot high snow hill with its four, 120-foot slide lanes.
SnoSpot’s hours of operation which is subject to change is Monday through Friday, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and
weekends from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. SnoSpot will be open on Thanksgiving Day from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
About SnoSpot
SnoSpot is a provider of unique and fun-filled snow adventures created from real snow. SnoSpot’s snowmaking
system is revolutionary and completely different from other snow making systems around the world. SnoSpot
is based in Central Florida and led by Steve Baker of WinTek, LLC. For more information, visit
About Fun Spot America Theme Parks
Founded in 1998, Fun Spot America is the largest privately held theme park in Central Florida. With two
locations, Fun Spot America Orlando and Fun Spot America Kissimmee, it includes multi-level go-karts, roller
coasters, family and thrill rides, HUGE arcades, and much more! For more information, visit

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Turner and Walt Disney have reached an agreement to included Turner Classic Movies owned media in the parks. With the agreement the great movie ride will be getting an upgrade to the films included in the ride. The ride is scheduled to be updated during the first quarter of 2015. The deal will included Disney and Turner Classic Movies exchanging there classics a few times a year to broadcast on TV.

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Fun spot extends black Friday deal

Fun Spot America
Oops, We’re Sorry!
We know many of you had problems purchasing our season passes online. As a thank you for your patience we’re giving you one extra day to purchase our season passes! Purchase our passes through the end of tomorrow, December 2, 2014 for only $74.50! Don’t pass up this HUGEdeal, come experience our family fun theme parks!
Fun Spot America Orlando
5700 Fun Spot Way
Orlando, Florida 32819
Fun Spot America Kissimmee
2850 Florida Plaza Blvd.
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Mom who faked son’s cancer and used donations to take family to Disneyland is sentenced to jail

A Colorado woman who convinced her son and the community that he had leukemia was sentenced to jail. Sandy Nguyen pleaded guilty to charitable fraud and child abuse and was sentenced to 90 days of jail on work release and five years’ probation. Nguyen raised $25,000 as part of her scheme. The family spent a portion of the money for a trip to Disneyland. Investigators recovered $23,000 from the family in the course of their investigation.

Calorie counts won’t be coming to theme park menus

As part of the Affordable health care act restaurants have to put the calorie information on the menu. This applies to any eating establishment that has 20 locations with the same name. do to the fact that even Six Flags doesn’t have 20 restaurants across their chain with the same name its unlikely to be seen at the parks this coming season.   The exception to this would be national brands such as Subway and Chick-Fila that have locations within parks.

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SeaWorld Orlando Now Caring for 72 Stranded & Endangered Cold-Stunned Turtles from Massachusetts

SeaWorld Press release. No time to rest for the SeaWorld Orlando Animal Rescue Team. The team, who is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is now caring for 72 cold-stunned Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles that arrived earlier this afternoon from Massachusetts.

An overwhelming amount of sea turtles stranded themselves up and down the eastern coast due to last week’s severe cold weather. The juvenile sea turtles were originally rescued by the New England Aquarium and volunteers of the Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary at Wellfleet Bay. The sea turtles were transported to Quincy, Mass., where they were re-warmed and stabilized by the New England Aquarium at their marine animal hospital until they were ready for transport.

Our animal care team, along with several other agencies, met the Coast Guard at the Orlando Executive Airport, who flew 193 critically endangered Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles from Massachusetts to Orlando. The turtles are now on their way to SeaWorld Orlando, and other facilities, for further care.

Sea turtle experts at SeaWorld will spend much of the night conducting full health examinations on each turtle to determine their health status. The goal is to provide a stable environment for the sea turtles to regain their strength and ultimately be returned as soon as possible.

Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle are extremely rare and have been listed as an endangered species since 1970. A large decline in population of these turtles has been linked to egg harvesting in the 1960s and, more recently, oil spills along the Gulf of Mexico. Along with being one of the rarest sea turtles in the world, the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle is also the smallest marine turtle. An adult usually weighs about 100 lbs. and measures 26-30 inches long.

For more than 50 years, SeaWorld has helped animals in need – ill, injured and orphaned. More than 24,000 animals have been rescued by our experts.

Be sure to stay up to date with the turtle’s progress by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Join the conversation with #SeaWorldCares and #SeaWorldRescue.

If you see an injured marine animal, you can help by calling the FWC hotline at 1(888) 404-3922 or by dialing *FWC on a cellular device.

All turtle rescue footage produced by SeaWorld under FWS Permit Number MA7701911.


Sea World rescuers harassed trying to help sea lion

SeaWorld rescue teams in Santa Cruz were forced to file a police report when a sea lion rescue turn violent. According to reports they were harassed by a crowd of onlookers.  They rescue team says they were forced to leave after being hit by a rock and returned an hour later with police to complete the rescue.

cbs8 story  For more information on stranding rescue programs and how they are administered NOAA Stranding US Fish and Wild life 


Dubai Parks & Resorts on track to open in October 2016

theme_park_constructionDubai Parks and Resorts project is 35 percent complete and is on track to open October 2016. Rides are scheduled to arrive in 2015. The funding has been complete with the ipo that was done last month. The first phase to open will feature 73 rides in 3 areas.  Sources say 95 percent of the rides have been ordered and 55 percent of the contracts to develop the park have been awarded.

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Afghanistan opens there first ever park

Kabul City Park is Afghanistan’s first ever amusement park and is located in the capital Kubal. The park opened in October and features bumper cars, ferris wheel and roller coaster and teacups. The park is a joint venture between the government and an unknown private company.  ABC News StoryAP_kabul_amusement_park_05_jef_141121_4x3_992afpk2