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Disney’s Hollywood Studios removing sorcerer’s hat

Disney has announced they will be removing the sorcerer’s hat from Hollywood Studios.  Disney say it will be removed as part of them reimaging that section of the park.  Disney said that by removing the 122 foot eyesore from the end of the street it will return the park to the golden age of Hollywood look from opening day of the park.

Noah’s Ark Theme Park Hiring plans in Jeopardy of causing state funding withdrawn

The Noah’s ark theme park in development slated to open in 2016 hasn’t hired employees yet but is in trouble from the state already. The park plans on hiring only people that believe that the flood has happened. The state warns that the discrimination will be cause them to have to revoke millions in tax credits to the park. The parks parent company Answers in Genies requires all employees to sign a faith statement stating they believe in creationism and the flood. The park is threatening legal action against the state if the tax credits are revokes on the grounds of first amendment rights and state constitutional rights. The state contents that they did not have to warn the park that they can’t discriminate in hiring because the state can’t support any one that discriminates in there hiring of employees.

Project 2015 – Red Arrows Sky Force at black pool pleasure beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is reaching for the skies with a brand new ride for 2015!

The 42-acre amusement park has joined forces with the world famous Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, to launch a unique thrill ride which will take excitement sky-high!

In another world first, Blackpool Pleasure Beach will become the world’s first tourist attraction to have a ride based on the planet’s best aerobatic display team.

Preparing for deployment in the Spring, the ride’s aircraft will provide an exhilarating experience like no other!

Loved across the planet for their jaw-dropping displays which have thrilled millions, the pride of the Royal Air Force will now be represented at the *UK’s number one amusement park in a unique partnership where the rider takes control of their own plane to become a master of the skies.

Complete in Red Arrows livery, the brand new ride will also feature its own control tower from which novice pilots will be prepared for take-off.

The 72ft high, 12-seat white-knuckle ride will take you on a 360-degree tour of the skies and sits in the shadow of the world famous Big One rollercoaster. Stepping into your very own Red Arrows cockpit, you take control of the plane and spin, glide and take formation in your very own display.

Red Arrows Sky Force will have you spinning, swirling and exciting the senses while your fellow pilots take control of their own flights before touching down and checking out a dedicated a Red Arrows shop, which will feature exclusive merchandise and souvenirs designed for Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Deputy Managing Director of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Nick Thompson, said: “We cannot wait to launch our new ride for the 2015 season. We are the first amusement park in the UK to work with the Red Arrows on such an exciting project and we know it will be something unique for thrill-seekers to experience.

Managing Director of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Amanda Thompson OBE, said: “The Red Arrows are a British institution so it was a perfect fit for the UK’s number one amusement park to work with them. They are an amazing sight to see when they are in the skies and I am certain our new ride will give our guests a unique thrill they will want to experience again and again.”

Squadron Leader Ruth Shackleton, Team Manager of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, said: “The Red Arrows have enjoyed a long association with Blackpool at the Pleasure Beach during the team’s 50-year history.

“The new Sky Force ride is a wonderful, and unique, means to continue this relationship and provides an exciting way for people to learn more about the Red Arrows, the Royal Air Force and the role the Service plays in protecting the UK. The team are also thrilled the ride will take pride of place adjacent to the Big One. It is also fantastic that the north west of England will get to enjoy and play host to a permanent Red Arrows experience.”

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Kentucky Kingdom Sued for water park injuries

Two people are suing the park claiming they were injured on a water slide. The two claim they were injured while riding the voodoo water slide. The parks chief investor Ed Hart stated that the two were violating park rules if they went down the ride together for being over the weight limit and going down the ride before receiving instructions or permission from the lifeguards operating the slide.   Ed Hart has also received a signed affidavit from friends stating that there sole intention of going to the park was to get injured and sue. One of the two has also had their season pass revoked for trying to climb a fence and enter a ride restricted area.   Voodoo express has been ridden 50,000 this season with no other injuries reported.

Knott’s Berry Farm being sued over Sexual Battery

A female guest is suing Knott’s Berry Farm claiming she was inappropriately touch and talked to inside a maze room.  In the second room she is claiming an employee grabbed her hands slamming her into a metal pole injuring her wrist. She also claims in the third room a male employee wearing just a diaper fondled her and intertwined his hands in hers even though she told him to stop.  She is suing claiming assault, sexual battery, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment. The suit does not specify a monetary  amount at this time.

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20th Century Fox seeks 13.5 Million in public funds for Miami Wild Project

20th Century Fox asked Miami-Dade for 13.5 million in public funds to pay to replicate several Coast Guard communication towers so it can start to develop its Miami Park. 20th Century Fox is in the process of developing a 950million dollar project at the Miami zoo. The project will feature theme park rides, a water park retail and a 400 room hotel with a music venue. The project is expected to bring in 67.1 million in rent payment to the city of Miami over the first 20 years as the project is being constructed on land leased from Miami-Dade.

Sheriff’s sale of Conneaut Lake Park Postponed

The pending November 7th sale of Conneaut lake has once again been delayed on Monday the attorney general asked for a delay of until at least December. The state is objecting to the sale of the park due to it being held by a charitable trust and exempted from taxes. The state is arguing that taxes have been incorrectly calculated and do not take into account the portion of the park that is tax exempt. Currently the park owes more than $925,000 in back taxes and fees.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Giraffe Dies

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom euthanized Nairobi a 25 year old female reticulated giraffe. The park euthanized the giraffe after they determined her quality of life at diminished considerably. Nairobi was one of the original animals that opened with the park. Nairobi was 18 feet tall and weighed 1,600 pounds.

Disney Evacuates Swan Hotel for Suspicious Device

Constructions worker working on the ongoing renovations to Swam Resort found a suspicious device on the 7th floor. The Orange County bomb squad respond around 10am on October 21,2014 and determined that the device was a hoax and not a real bomb. Disney is currently renovating 200 room on the 2-12th floors so there was minimal disturbance to hotel guest.