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IAAPA 2014: The worlds First Looping Waterslide capsule ride

Lance Fisher shares with us this crazy and wild new waterslide from Sky Turtle. They have designed a Looping waterslide that features the worlds first free fall drop at 90 degrees and a loop! It stands at around 100 foot tall, features a 45 foot 90 degree free fall moment and a 30 foot loop that will push 5-6 G’s! You will ride this slide inside of a capsule to maintain your safety.

IAAPA 2014: Andamiro Gaming shows off Field Goal, Lobster Robot and Red Elephant

Satinder Bhutani shows the guys around Andamiro, a gaming company who makes several games. Drew and Legend give the Field Goal Game a test to test their football might. They also head over to play the Lobster Robot game. You use a remote control car around to pick up balls and drop them in a rotating wheel filled with holes. Finally, they stop to play another new game called Red Elephant.

Haunt Review: Busch Gardens Williamsburg Howl-O-Scream


I visited Busch Gardens Williamsburg back on October 5th to not only check out the park and to also attend the Howl-O-Scream evening. If you are planning to visit Howl-O-Scream you will only need to plan on purchasing a day ticket to the park as the event is not an extra fee. NO special wrist band. NO park closing at 6pm and reopening for an extra fee. This is all included in your days admission. This is also of course free to Season Pass Holders. (more…)

Vegas Is Not For Coaster Lovers

I headed over to Las Vegas last week for work for the week. I made it a point to make sure to stop at all the coasters that the area had to offer. I did not get a chance to head to the stratosphere and do the extreme thrill rides it had to offer. I was just focusing on roller coasters.

This was my first trip to Las Vegas and the whole area is just weird. As someone who does not party, drink, visit gentleman’s clubs, or gamble, this town was just not for me. Its a bit of a hole to be honest. Once you get some alcohol in you and your inside the maze of casinos and winding your way through the glitz of the strip I am sure it is a whole other experience. This was not the way I had seen the town. As an outsider of sorts I was there to marvel at the billions of dollars spent on hotel’s, the detail into the architecture and check out a few of the Roller Coasters that were built back in the 1990s.


Kings Dominon: Haunt Review

Kings Dominion: 2014 Haunt Review

Who am I and why should you care about my opinion of the Haunt event? Well you shouldn’t. I am just here to give you guys my opinion and my insight. I have been to 8 haunt events this October and I will be putting out reviews through out the next few weeks of each of my experiences.

My visit to Kings Dominion this last October was not only my first time to experience Haunt, but was my first Trip to Kings Dominion, ever. Not only did I get to enjoy the park during the day but was also enjoying the nighttime at the park with all the Haunt experiences the park has to offer.


First, lets point out one tremendously great thing about Kings Dominion. Admission Prices. If you would like to attend Kings Dominion and also enjoy the Haunt evenings the whole thing will only set you back $35 on Fridays and $39 on weekends. That’s right. From 9am-midnight, including access to all the mazes is $39. Wow!