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VIDEO: Last Rides on Mantis EVER

This past Sunday was the final day of operation of Mantis at Cedar Point before it transforms into the floorless Rougarou in the 2015 season.  Drew The Intern was at the park and filmed this great video of the last riders and a musical tribute to the now closed attraction.

Disabled Women Kicked of Ride at Six Flags St Louis

A Six Flags Saint Louis Season Pass holder who has rode Mr. Freeze at least 5 times this season was removed from the ride over the weekend because she did not have fingers.  According to park personnel and the parks website the ride rules require that riders have function arms and feet without the use of prosthetics. According to the women not having fingers has never been an issue in the pass since she is able to hold on to the restraint with her arm.  The women who lost the fingers on her right hand wants to know why the park is not consistently enforcing its rules and regulations.


militaryKnott’s Berry Farm continues its tradition of honoring the brave men and women who have served in the U.S. military, both past and present, with free admission during its 25th annual Military Tribute. Knott’s is the only theme park that has continuously offered free admission to veterans and active military personnel in honor of our nation’s Veteran’s Day holiday.


Edaville USA owner spends millions


Edaville USA located in Carver. MA is getting millions in upgrades from its owner. The theme park that was on the verge of shutting its doors is getting new lands one of which will be dedicated to the Thomas the Train and another to Princesses. Included in the new addition is a water park. The park owner Jon Delli Priscoli is spending 25 Million to add the new land and the attractions over the next few years. Thomas the Train Land is scheduled to open during the 2015 season. With the addition of the new land will also include a small increase in ticket prices. This is in addition to the renovations that where already done to the park for 2013 and 2014 that included the redoing of the parking lots and the main entry area. In 2013 the park got a few small flat rides in addition to what was already there. And according to the parks website 2014 was supposed to see the addition of 20 animatronic Dinosaurs.


7166459-largeA British career criminal recently was arrested after he convinced his 19 year old son to help him rob a seaside amusement facility where his son worked. Serial criminal Brian Powell convinced his 19 year old son to give him the alarm codes to the building. Brian broke in through a skylight and was caught on camera making a call to his son before disabling the cameras. For his sons role he was paid £1,400 of the £ 6640stolen. Brian and his son Callum were both convicted of the robbery. Brian for the actual act of doing it and Callum for the role he played for working at the seaside amusement facility for 10 months and working his way up to a position of trust where he was on one of three with the alarm code.

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Sid_21The popular PBS KIDS television show, Sid the Science Kid, is performing for one day only – Sun., Oct. 26 — during the last day of SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular.

Created by the imaginative minds of Michael Lewis (veteran Broadway performer and producer of ImaginOcean), John Tartaglia (creator and writer of ImaginOcean and Tony Award-nominated actor) and The Jim Henson Company, JIM HENSON’S SID THE SCIENCE KID LIVE: LET’S PLAY! is a live theatrical experience delighting kids and parents alike. Join Sid, May, Gabriela and Gerald as they come to Orlando to discover the excitement and curiosities of the world around them.

This weekend is also the last chance for guests to experience SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular. From trick-or-treating to bubble-filled dance parties, guests are immersed in an underwater “fantasea” filled with whimsical pumpkin fish, sea-themed arts, interactive crafts and all the amazing animals that SeaWorld cares for. Halloween Spooktacular takes place from 12-8 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Admission to both JIM HENSON’S SID THE SCIENCE KID LIVE: LET’S PLAY! and Halloween Spooktacular are included in regular park admission.

Orlando Florida Parks Report 3rd Quarter Injuries


Disney rounds out the number one position for the number of injuries reported in the third quarter of the year with 12 people reporting a serious injuries. Disney injuries included four at the Magic Kingdom the guest that lost the finger tips in July at the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. A women with Chest Pains at Big Thunder Rail Road. And two sick guest at Space Mountain. Hollywood Studios had four guests illness a 71 Year old man on the Great Movie Ride that lost consciousness . Two on the tower of terror from preexisting conditions and one man with chest pains on Star Tours. Two guest experienced loss of consciousness at Animal Kingdom. And rounding out Disney two at Epcot a 63 year old that fractured a bone on Nemo and Friends and one chest pains on Test Track.

Universal had one employee injury at wet and wild that OSHA is still investigating. While having one guest get motion sickness Hollywood Rip Ride Rockets and a headache on The Simpsons Ride.

The final Orlando parking reporting data is a migraine from Kraken at SeaWorld.

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Orlando, Fla. (October 16, 2014) – SeaWorld® Orlando recently launched PhotoKey, an all-new way to share photos of the amazing experiences and up-close animal encounters guests have during a SeaWorld visit. Guests now can collect photos using their PhotoKey card and view and share photos instantly with the PhotoKey mobile app.

PhotoKey photographers take pics of guests at key locations throughout the park, including iconic scenes, key attractions and most roller coasters.  Guests can instantly choose to share images on their social channels through the PhotoKey mobile app available for download on both the Android and iPhone .

PhotoKey is available for purchase at several stations inside the park or you can purchase PhotoKey prior to arriving at the park at Take advantage of PhotoKey opportunities during your next family vacation and unlock a world of memories.

PhotoKey benefits:

  • Unlimited Access – All photos can be viewed, shared and downloaded at any park PhotoKey location, on the PhotoKey mobile app or on the PhotoKey website.
  • Save on Purchases – Receive discounts on in-park photo products that are available at any photo location.
  • Professional Photographers – Take advantage of professional photographers roaming the park to capture your family memories.
  • Keepsakes – Photos can be customized into various keepsakes through exclusive access to the PhotoKey website  Receive a free $10 online credit toward any customized PhotoKey product and unlimited $5 individual prints while PhotoKey pass is valid.

Be the first to know about new events, special deals and future announcements by following the park’s blog at, or “Like” the SeaWorld Orlando’s Facebook page, and follow @seaworldorlando on Instagram.