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The One That is not On a Cruise

The Legend is on a cruise this week so we welcome Pete Owens from Dollywood to stop by and talk about A Smoky Mountain Christmas, Dreammore, and IAAPA.  Clint talks about how someone born today may never drive a car.  Drew and Clint talk some news, and we read listener mail.

Cedar Point Tears down entrance to Breakers Hotel

Demolition of the Hotel Breakers Main Entrance. Photos courtesy of Cedar Point.

Demolition of the Hotel Breakers Main Entrance. Photos courtesy of Cedar Point.

October 29, 2014 Cedar Point use heavy equipment to tear down the entrance to Historic hotel Breakers. As part of the multimillion dollar renovation of the historic hotel it will be receiving a new entrance along with flat screen tvs, furniture bedding and décor.

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The One With Drews Trip

The guys discuss Drew’s trip to get one last ride on Mantis and visit phantom fright nights and they talk a lot about some of the bad press lately from haunt events

VIDEO: Last Rides on Mantis EVER

This past Sunday was the final day of operation of Mantis at Cedar Point before it transforms into the floorless Rougarou in the 2015 season.  Drew The Intern was at the park and filmed this great video of the last riders and a musical tribute to the now closed attraction.



This weekend is your last weekend to enjoy the Mantis roller coaster at Cedar Point.  The coaster will be closing this Sunday.  Preperation for its transformation to Rougarou has already began with a brand new paint job in the works.  Drew the Intern will be at the park this weekend.  Follow him on the In the Loop Facebook page or his personal Twitter page @DrewTheIntern  Please share your Last Stand pictures with us on Facebook

The one with NO BOO

Clint, Legend and Drew are joined by Braedon as they talk about all the Halloween related stuff they have done over the last few weeks.  They also talk about Universal Studios building in Beijing, Busch Gardens Tampa filing permits, Adventure Island building Colossal Curl, and much more.




indexA year ago from this upcoming weekend was one of the busiest days of the year for Cedar Point.  Columbus day weekend saw thousands of people all trying to make there way across the causeway in a line that lasted hours, only to find that there were no parking spots available.  Not only did they fill all the parking lots on the point, but people were being bused in from locations of the point to accommodate the large crowds.  Then at the end of the night people waited up to 4 hours to exit the parking lot and start there journey home.

halloweekends5_20131009160351_320_240This year Cedar Point’s Bryan Edwards says they are ready if the crowds come back in large amounts this upcoming weekend.  According to Edwards the park has made several changes to the parking lot and causeway to help with the flow of traffic.

Don’t forget Mantis is now open Fridays, and its last day is the 19th!


The one with Wet Pants

Another long show for everyone to check out.  Clint talks about meeting Braedon, Kings Dominion Haunt, Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream, and being on TV.  Legend and Drew talk about Orlando parks along with the closing of Maelstrom.  We go over some news including a possible 2016 attraction at Busch Gardens Tampa, Pinks Hot Dogs closing at Knotts Berry Farm, more on the fight at Six Flags America, and some news about the Fun Spot Orlando



The original plans for Cedar Point’s Mantis roller coaster was to close is down on October 19th as they start its transition to the new floorless coaster Rougarou, but those plans have changed. Cedar Point officials say the stand-up coaster will remain open for the remainder of HalloWeekends. The coaster has already started its Rougarou transformation. Some sections of the coaster have been painted.

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EDIT:  According to Cedar Points Facebook Page the coaster will still close on the 19th.  It will however be open on Fridays before the 19th.

EDIT: The News station removed the story and Cedar Point told us the coaster will close on the 19th

Pink’s Hot Dogs Closes at Knott’s Berry Farm

Pink’s Hot Dogs closed up shop at Knott’s Berry Farm on Monday to make way for a new sandwich shop called Cable Car Kitchen.  The gourmet hot dog stand served up their legendary hot dogs for five years at the park.  Russ Knibbs, Vice President of food and beverage for the park, stated that it was a mutual agreement to end the partnership.  Pinks-Hot-Dogs-at-Planet-Hollywood-Resort-and-Casino_grid_6The new sandwich shop will open this Friday and will feature sandwiches piled high with meats sliced-to-order.  It is unclear if this will affect Pink’s Hot Dogs at Cedar Point.

News Source: OC Register