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Mom who faked son’s cancer and used donations to take family to Disneyland is sentenced to jail

A Colorado woman who convinced her son and the community that he had leukemia was sentenced to jail. Sandy Nguyen pleaded guilty to charitable fraud and child abuse and was sentenced to 90 days of jail on work release and five years’ probation. Nguyen raised $25,000 as part of her scheme. The family spent a portion of the money for a trip to Disneyland. Investigators recovered $23,000 from the family in the course of their investigation.

BREAKING NEWS! Mickey’s Fun Wheel Stalled with Riders On Ride


Disneyland is now in the middle of a PR nightmare today as riders on the Mickey’s Fun Wheel were stranded on the ride for more then 2 hours.  Multiple LA stations are reporting that everyone is okay after being stuck in 90 degree weather.  One stranded riders reported being a little hot, and his kids slept most of the time.

The wheel was manually moved so passengers could be removed from the ride.  They were given wet towels, water, ice cream, and free tickets.

In other Disneyland news riders on the Its a Small World reported they were on the ride for what seemed like 2 hours.  No wet towels, water, ice cream, or tickets were waiting when they exited the ride.

Luigi’s Flying Tires Rumored to be Removed

luigi tire banner
According to some Disney fan websites the Luigi’s Flying Tires ride at Disney California Adventure may be closing as early as January. The ride was a new spin on a vintage Disneyland classic the Flying Saucers. This new updated ride still had a few issues with long lines, luigis-flying-tiressmall guest flow through, guests not understanding how to operate there tire, and expensive maintenance and operation cost. There are some rumors “floating” around about a possible replacement including a name change to “Festival of the Flying Tires”