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Lets Go To Disney With GoPro Chestys On

Just the Legend and Clint this week as they talk about the parks opening up in Virginia.  Also we hit the news: Year Round Walking Dead Haunted House for Hollywood, New Chocolate Factory Concept restaurant coming to Orlando Citywalk, Alton Towers announces 7 ride closures, Cedar Point opening up a week earlier then normal this year, Disney sending out surveys about adding a resort fee to hotels, and more!

The 4th Best Buffet in the World!

Legend and Drew talk about the Flower & Garden Festival (Food and Wine 2.0), and Drew goes on a date to The 4th BEST buffet in the world!  We talked about Six Flags Going VR in 9 parks, $350 million dollars for Nintendo Land at USJ opening by 2020, Luigi’s Rollicking Roadsters opens at DCA, 100 Million Dollar Chinese Cultural theme park coming to Myrtle Beach, and more!

But what about the light pollution

Clint Novak is back from the Stone Age, and the guys talk IAAPA, Skyplex and the rumored third gate for Universal Orlando.

Euphemisms Everywhere!

Drew, Legend, AND CLINT!  Its your once a month threesome!  Drew gives us the inside scoop about the Nik Wallenda Walk on the Orlando Eye & Clint talks about Tempesto.

Fun Spot America opens Space Invader

fsalogoFun Spot America has opened their S&S swing ride Space Invader today. Space Invader originally announced back August, 2014 has been officially signed off by the state of Florida and is taking riders. Fun Spot America in Kissimmee, FL also has a similar S&S swing ride named Hot Seat. Riders must be 48″ to ride and it is $6.00 to ride or is included with your all day wristband.

On this ride, giant arms swing you back and forth until all you see is sky. Then you’re swung back so all you see is the ground rocketing past your face. You swing more than 180 degrees, past perpendicular, first on your back and then on your face!



The One with Alabama Splash Adventure

This week the guys are joined by Dan Koch of Alabama Splash Adventure to talk about the return of Rampage and the park, they also discuss changes at Cedar Point and the shooting at Fun Spot

logofsFun Spot America in Orlando, Florida today announced the closing of their new ride Air Raid. Air Raid, a Crazy Flipping Spinning Flat Ride by Zamperla was added in November, 2014 is all ready being taken out. According to the Fun Spot America Facebook page the ride was having mechanical  problems causing safety issues, “It has given us many maintenance problems and for the safety of our guests we are taking it out”.  The go on further to talk about potentially getting a permanent version of the ride, ” We’re keeping an eye out for a more in-ground permanent model instead of a portable one”.  Space Invader an S&S swing ride will be opening on in the park soon though.

Snowspot at Fun Spot

Starting November 21, 2014 and in partnership with Fun Spot America – SnoSpot will provide fun-filled
snow adventures for children and adults alike.
Orlando Florida (November 17, 2014) – In a first-of-its kind outdoor experience in Florida, SnoSpot, a
WinTek, LLC company announces the opening of its snow adventure area at Fun Spot America’s location at
5700 Fun Spot Way in Orlando on November 21, 2014.
“We are thrilled to bring this revolutionary snow making system and the additionof over 30 new jobs to
Central Florida,” said SnoSpot president, Steve Baker. “The excitement that our snow adventure experiences
provide should attract more visitors of all ages to the area.”
“Partnerships of this kind help fuel tourism and the local economy and my expectations are that our guests –
many of whom have never seen real snow before – will be simply delighted by the addition of such a unique
family experience,” said Fun Spot America CEO, John Arie, Sr.
Located within the Fun Spot America’s Orlando location, SnoSpot will provide exciting snow adventures that
include snow tubing, snowball, and snow play areas. Guests three-years-old and up and of all experience levels
are invited to participate in all of the snow adventure activities. Snow tubers can experience the thrill of tubing
down the 24-foot high snow hill with its four, 120-foot slide lanes.
SnoSpot’s hours of operation which is subject to change is Monday through Friday, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and
weekends from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. SnoSpot will be open on Thanksgiving Day from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
About SnoSpot
SnoSpot is a provider of unique and fun-filled snow adventures created from real snow. SnoSpot’s snowmaking
system is revolutionary and completely different from other snow making systems around the world. SnoSpot
is based in Central Florida and led by Steve Baker of WinTek, LLC. For more information, visit
About Fun Spot America Theme Parks
Founded in 1998, Fun Spot America is the largest privately held theme park in Central Florida. With two
locations, Fun Spot America Orlando and Fun Spot America Kissimmee, it includes multi-level go-karts, roller
coasters, family and thrill rides, HUGE arcades, and much more! For more information, visit www.fun-spot.com.

Park press release