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IAAPA 2014: Sally Dark Rides & Six Flags

Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags St. Louis will be receiving new Sally dark rides in 2015 as guest help the Justice League fight off villains in this Battle for Metropolis.  In this video we see Six Flags, Sally Corporation, and Oceaniering unveil there new ride features.  We also talk with Six Flags Over Texas’ Park President Steven Martindale and Sally Corporation’s Rich Hill about the 2015 attraction.

The one Before IAAPA 2014

The full gang is back!  Drew talks about his great trip to Jamaica, The Legend went to the final days of Food and Wine Festival, and Clint talks about how Best Buy screwed him over.  There is some coaster news in there as well.

The one with Drunk Trick or Treat

The Legend is back from his cruise, and Drew left for Jamaica.  Clint quits his job and becomes a professional podcaster (does not make the show better).  We talk about Kings Islands new ride, Wild Adventures new ride, Skline Attractions new ride, Toyko Disneylands new rides.  We talk a lot about new rides.

Fun Spot America Adds New Ride

Its Huge

Fun Spot America home of the GCI woodie White Lighting and World’s Second Tallest Sky Coaster add a Crazy Flipping Spinning Flat Ride by Zamperla called Air Raid. Drew was at Fun Spot to experience this new thrill.


You can see an interview with the manufacture Zamperla from IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) With Clint and The Legend Below:

The One That is not On a Cruise

The Legend is on a cruise this week so we welcome Pete Owens from Dollywood to stop by and talk about A Smoky Mountain Christmas, Dreammore, and IAAPA.  Clint talks about how someone born today may never drive a car.  Drew and Clint talk some news, and we read listener mail.