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The One After IAAPA 2014

The guys are back after a two week break.  When I say break, I mean they were at IAAPA.  Lots of work, but the guys still had some fun!  They talk about all the IAAPA fun, along with some news.

Jackass Star Fined For YouTube Stunt


Steve-O from Jackass fame has been charged with a traffic infraction and fined for defacing a freeway sign in San Diego California. In May of 2014 Steve-O climbed a freeway sign that directed people to SeaWorld San Diego, and wrote “SUCKS” next to the parks name. He later posted a YouTube video of himself committing the crime. Monday he was issued a traffic citation for $239 and lawmakers argue he was a distraction to other drivers who could have caused an accident.

Meanwhile SeaWorld Entertainment stocks traded at an all time low midday Tuesday trading as low as $16.09 a share. The theme park and entertainment company has been on a down slope since November 12th when the company released its latest earnings data.

Sea World rescuers harassed trying to help sea lion

SeaWorld rescue teams in Santa Cruz were forced to file a police report when a sea lion rescue turn violent. According to reports they were harassed by a crowd of onlookers.  They rescue team says they were forced to leave after being hit by a rock and returned an hour later with police to complete the rescue.

cbs8 story  For more information on stranding rescue programs and how they are administered NOAA Stranding US Fish and Wild life 


The one Before IAAPA 2014

The full gang is back!  Drew talks about his great trip to Jamaica, The Legend went to the final days of Food and Wine Festival, and Clint talks about how Best Buy screwed him over.  There is some coaster news in there as well.


Orlando, Fla. (October 16, 2014) – SeaWorld® Orlando recently launched PhotoKey, an all-new way to share photos of the amazing experiences and up-close animal encounters guests have during a SeaWorld visit. Guests now can collect photos using their PhotoKey card and view and share photos instantly with the PhotoKey mobile app.

PhotoKey photographers take pics of guests at key locations throughout the park, including iconic scenes, key attractions and most roller coasters.  Guests can instantly choose to share images on their social channels through the PhotoKey mobile app available for download on both the Android and iPhone .

PhotoKey is available for purchase at several stations inside the park or you can purchase PhotoKey prior to arriving at the park at seaworldorlando.com. Take advantage of PhotoKey opportunities during your next family vacation and unlock a world of memories.

PhotoKey benefits:

  • Unlimited Access – All photos can be viewed, shared and downloaded at any park PhotoKey location, on the PhotoKey mobile app or on the PhotoKey website.
  • Save on Purchases – Receive discounts on in-park photo products that are available at any photo location.
  • Professional Photographers – Take advantage of professional photographers roaming the park to capture your family memories.
  • Keepsakes – Photos can be customized into various keepsakes through exclusive access to the PhotoKey website  Receive a free $10 online credit toward any customized PhotoKey product and unlimited $5 individual prints while PhotoKey pass is valid.

Be the first to know about new events, special deals and future announcements by following the park’s blog at InsideSeaWorld.com, or “Like” the SeaWorld Orlando’s Facebook page, and follow @seaworldorlando on Instagram.