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New Interactive Ghostbusters Walk Through Attraction Opens At Six Flags Mexico

Lynton V Harris & The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company have created the world’s first live
interactive GHOSTBUSTERS attraction, under License from Sony Pictures Consumer Products, and
launched into previews this past weekend ahead of an expected blockbuster Summer season starting
The company has inked a three year deal with Sony Pictures Consumer Products in Los Angeles, and
continues its relationship with Six Flags Mexico following the success of the Company’s previous
attractions there, ‘The Van Helsing Experience Live!’ and ‘TerminatorX: A Laser Battle for Salvation’.
Harris commented…“We probably could have eeked out another year with Terminator X given that the
fifth movie comes out this Summer, but I have been pestering Greg [Economos] at Sony for the past
couple of years to get a Ghostbusters attraction happening”.
Gregory Economos, Senior Vice President Global Consumer Products at Sony Pictures says, “We’re
excited to collaborate with Lynton on this fun, yet spooky laser tag attraction. It’s a natural fit for the
Ghostbusters brand, and we’re sure that attendees of Six Flags Mexico will know “who to call” after
making their way through the arena as paranormal heroes themselves.”
The new attraction has a cast of between six and eight live actors who will play as seasoned
‘Ghostbusters’ to interact with guests across two floors, in the historic La Llorona building inside Six Flags
Mexico. Players are ‘prepped’ downstairs in the Ghostbusters Headquarters, given their laser ghostbustin’
gear, then led upstairs and broken into teams of Ghostbusters in order to compete against each other in
an experience that features iconic environments and characters from the film. There are also cool ghost
gates, hidden targets, and ‘surprise characters’ that appear and disappear with the help of UV and lasertag
LED technology.
Director of Live Attractions Worldwide for Sudden Impact!, Dominic McChesney commented that “this first
preview weekend was a litmus test to determine if we got the brand fit right, and the audience have
already confirmed that it is a much more fun approach than Terminator X which had more of a ‘firm
handed’ approach, but enjoyed a successful four year run. Ghostbusters will be a hit!”
“We are very excited to have an attraction like this – GHOSTBUSTERS – the attraction is based on the
iconic and famous characters with the spooky adventure that the brand warrants. The families visiting us
can enjoy a unique live – interactive attraction. We invite you to be part of this exciting experience that you
can only find at Six Flags México”, said América Sosa, Communication manager at Six Flags México.
“It’s perfect for us” enthused Harris… our reputation is second to none in the interactive scare attraction
domain globally, and we also pioneered branded live laser tag adventures. Ghostbusters is one of the
most iconic brands in the history of the movies, and as the No #1 ‘horror-comedy’ of all time, and a new
film in the works for 2016, it’s a chance to converge the Ghostbusters brand with an elevated laser tag
experience to create the core brand value through creative application, along with a few fun startles.”
About Lynton V Harris & The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company
Lynton V. Harris is a world-class keynote speaker, an entertainment industry groundbreaker, and the
subject of a Harvard Case Study, ‘Lynton V. Harris & Madison SCARE Garden’ and has been both a
commencement speaker and a guest lecturer to MBA Students at Harvard University & Business School.
Harris was awarded a prestigious Brand Laureate Award from the Asia-Pacific Brands Association – an
iconic ‘Brand Personality Award’, and he is also the subject of an Emmy Award winning documentary.
Harris and his team have imagined, created, and/or produced live attractions based on an enviable multibillion
dollar brand list that has straddled the Hollywood Studios of Paramount, Universal, Lions Gate,
MGM, Warner Bros, Twentieth Century Fox and Sony Pictures and has included some of the biggest
blockbusters of all time: The Mummy Live!, The Mummy Returns Live!, Lara Croft:Tomb Raider LIVE!,
The Mummy – Tomb of The Dragon Emperor Live!, The Scorpion King Live! , BATMAN: Arkham Asylum
Live!, Prison Break LIVE!, Van Helsing Live!, Alien Vs Predator vs You, TERMINATOR X, Universal
Monsters Alive!, SAW LIVE!, Ice Age Live!, Night at The Museum Alive!, The World War Z Experience,
The Mazerunner Adventure Live! and in 2015, Harris & Sudden Impact! are opening the world’s first
GHOSTBUSTERS X: The Ghostbusters Experience under license from Sony Pictures, at Six Flags
Mexico City.
Harris is also due to deliver an address on BRANDS ® at the International Association of Amusement
Parks and Attractions [IAAPA] Asian Conference and Trade Show in Hong Kong in June 2015.